Customizable Engraved Brass Touch Tool

Customizable Engraved Brass Touch Tool

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Replace our text on this brass touch tool with your first name, last name, both your first and last name, your initials, or contact information (phone number) in case you lose it! 

Note: We do NOT recommend or endorse putting personal information on this touch tool, if it is being given to a child, for safety reasons. If you would like to order one for your child and want to replace the brand name, we recommend choosing a phrase or something they like. Please also consider this for your own safety as well, even if you are an adult. We are not responsible for anything that occurs as a result of ignoring this warning. Some alternative ideas are listed below. 

Common choices are:

- Creating a design with symbols like 


to make it look like a diamond pattern or

>>>——> or >>•—•—•—•>

to make it look like an arrow. 

- A phrase the person says often. (An example of this would be, if they are a fan of the makeup artist James Charles, they might say “Hey, Sisters” or “Love that” very often). 

- Consider writing a short message In Morris code. 
For example: “I love you” in Morris code is: .. / .-.. --- ...- . / -.-- --- ..-  (At least according to the internet). 

- A text emoji like :) Or (: which symbolizes a smilie face also consider ;) which symbolizes a wink face. 

- Lastly, another common choice for personalization is someone’s favorite bible verse reference.

I hope that helps!!

Thank you!!

Open doors, push buttons, and pull objects with this engraved brass touch tool—it's designed to help you avoid touching commonly used surfaces and limit the spread of germs. Attach this handy tool to your keyring for easy access on the go.

• Material: brass
• Size: 2.87″ × 1.25″ × 0.11″ (73 × 32 × 3 mm)
• Available colors: gold
• Silver keyring (25 mm) included in the product

Size guide

Length (inches) 2 ⅞
Width (inches) 1 ¼
Height (inches)
Length (cm) 7
Width (cm) 3
Height (cm) 0